Easter 2024 ยท Sion, Super Saxo House

Swiss Young Masters


The Swiss Young Masters 2024 will take place in the centre of the historic town of Sion (Valais/Switzerland) from 30 March to 7 April 2024. It will be organised this year by the Valais Chess Union. The format of this tournament on invitation is a 10-player round-robin. Six young Swiss players (two women and four men) from Switzerland's national squads will be competing to gain a norm for the title of International Master and/or Woman Grandmaster. The field will be completed by four other young participants from neighbouring countries, including a Grandmaster.. All games will be broadcast live on Chess24, Chessbase and Lichess. They will be played from 14:00 hrs, with the exception of the last round which will start at 10:00 hrs. Spectators are welcome. The event is generously supported by the Swiss Youth Chess Foundation as well as by the City of Sion and by the Sports-Fonds Valais.

Program Super Saxo House


Pierre Laurent-Paoli

GM Pierre Laurent-Paoli
country fr 2537 FIDE

Felix Blohberger

GM Felix Blohberger
country at 2537 FIDE

Mahel Boyer

IM Mahel Boyer
country fr 2418 FIDE

Nils Richter

MI Nils Richter
country de 2400 FIDE

Noah Fecker

FM Noah Fecker
country ch 2389 FIDE

Lena Georgescu

FM/WIM Lena Georgescu
country ch 2231 FIDE

Matthias Mattenberger

FM Matthias Mattenberger
country ch 2221 FIDE

Igor Schlegel

FM Igor Schlegel
country ch 2209 FIDE

Sofiia Hryzlova

WIM Sofiia Hryzlova
country ch 2196 FIDE

Dorian Asllani

NO Dorian Asllani
country ch 2088 FIDE

Adrian Gschnitzer

IM Adrian Gschnitzer
country de 2409 FIDE